A step forward

Naturveg quality

"Our Vegan products contain only pure, high-quality ingredients".

Our work is the result of in-depth research and a modern conception of nutritional science, which aims to restore to human beings a diet more congenial to their nature, free from the conditioning of industrial civilisation and the logic of mere profit.
In making our products, we are constantly looking for quality raw materials, aware that this has a positive effect on our health.

Maximum care in the choice of suppliers and ingredients

We isolate the most efficient plant nutrients in nature from raw materials supplied by manufacturers who meet strict quality standards. Quality is a point of arrival, not a starting point.

Certified Business Partners

Our raw materials are traced from cultivation to distribution and boast the CERT ID certification, which guarantees GMO-free status. Each batch of product purchased from NaturVeg is always accompanied by analyses certifying its quality.

Naturveg means plants with advanced technology and strict quality control

We use production sites where no drugs or other chemicals are processed to preserve our products from any possible contamination.

"All this to offer quality, healthy, complete, satisfying and functional vegan supplements for the needs of the sportsman or woman who simply wants to follow a modern, healthy and active lifestyle. All our Naturveg products comply with the requirements of EC Regulation 852/04 of the HACCP-compliant self-control system. "