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Gorilla Naturveg Protein Reviews

For us, the consumer is always at the centre.
That is why we periodically ask our customers for their opinions on Gorilla Naturveg protein, Naturveg supplements and the results they have achieved with our products.

Below we have selected some of the answers received to the question:
What do you think of Naturveg supplements?

They are simply fantastic.

Silvia F.

Simply fantastic! Never again without them.

Francesca C.

I use Gluten Easy very well both for breakfast and as a meal replacement. I like to add cocoa beans, chopped hazelnuts or almonds and a few goji berries. Very good when diluted with coconut milk.

Margaret V.

Gorilla Perfect Vanilla-Nocciola...add water until smooth, put in the freezer for an hour and enjoy....looks like Hazelnut Ice Cream...try it to believe😋😉 And then easy to digest and zero chemical aftertaste...Approved!

Luca V.

They are great, I usually take Gorilla Original protein, they have a neutral taste and I like them very much. I use them in yoghurt, and to make pancakes.

Roberto P.

They taste good, they melt very well and above all they contain vegetable proteins of many types.

Alexander L.

Excellent and good choice.

Morrigan V.

A selection of products that can be found without taking time to search through shelves, on-time delivery and prices comparable to other quality products. I recommend it.

Richard P.

Excellent: both in quality and taste.

Vittorio C.

First time ever using vegan supplements and I find they are made for me: energy, strength and good mood. These are the personal results. I am talking about Gorilla Sport chocolate flavour.

Aira M.

Really good products, for various needs, since I have been using them, I really notice the difference in facing the day, and importantly they do not give me digestive problems.

Paul P.

Excellent products

Smeralda T.

I find your products excellent. I have been using Gorilla Platinum for a long time, top class!!!

Gloria S.

I have tried Gorilla Slim and now I have just bought the fat-burning capsules, at the moment the feedback is positive.

Katia T.

That they are excellent

Valentina C.

Good product, excellent nutritional profile, wide range.

Stefano C.

A very good product with high performance. For a few years now, I've mainly been using Gorilla Sport, not only in physical activity, but also during the summer, in season, when stress is high and physical fatigue sets in. I can't wait to try the BCAAs in your line! 😁👋

Simone D.


Barbara V.

Wide assortment.

Candida C.

I have been using your protein powder for a few years now and I am very happy with it....They don't bloat my tummy.....digestible.....they give good satiety.

Barbara B.

A wide choice of products for sportsmen and women and not finally for vegans and health-conscious people or those who need supplements but are wary of the most common manufacturers

Adriano T.

The products are very good, it just needs to be improved in taste, but maybe it is the product in question that was particularly less tasty.

Matthew T.

Interesting, specific, healthy and with good ingredients.

Matthew R.

I get on very well with Naturveg products, I think they are of very good quality. My absolute favourite is the Gluten easy, neutral flavour. I have also tried others such as Gorilla Sport, and the fat reducer. Highly recommended!

Mara G.

Excellent quality and price

Stephen S.

They are good products and give good results

Alexander D.

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