Energy for Sport

Every sportsman has only one goal in mind: results. But to overcome one's limits and achieve the desired goal, the right motivation and a body that is always in top shape are indispensable. If in the first case, the will and desire to improve are what count, in the second, it is important to stick to a diet that provides the body with all the energy an athlete needs.
How many times have you experienced training sessions in which your physique did not prove capable of providing you with the strength you needed? And the causes are many and varied: not enough rest, too short recovery periods, moments of fatigue, wrong training or a diet not rich enough in nutrients, proteins and minerals.

As you well know, our body works like a machine, if it lacks quality fuel, then its performance will never be optimal. And choosing the wrong fuel, in the long run, can also put your engine's health at serious risk.
Therefore, if you don't like the idea that in order to exceed your limits you have to fill your body with chemical additives, preservatives, sweeteners and animal proteins of who knows what origin, then you'd better choose a 100% plant-based protein supplement that can provide you with pure, healthy, quality energy.

Vegan protein supplements for athletes

It probably happened to you too at the beginning of your sports career, when you asked a friend or your personal trainer how to improve your performance and give your muscles the protein they need, and received the answer 'eat more chicken, turkey rump, rice, tuna, etc.'. Hence the choice of whey protein supplements and, of course, that nasty feeling of bloating, unpleasant breath and sometimes even nausea.

We at Naturveg are familiar with these steps, because our company would never have been born without the fundamental contribution of the world of sport. It was by listening to the needs of sportsmen and women that the idea was born to create a product made in Italy, which did not have all those side effects contained in foods of animal origin and whey supplements, rich, moreover, in chemical additives harmful to the kidneys and liver.
So after months of experimenting and searching for suppliers of high quality raw material, In 2012, our first vegetable protein supplement with a full amino acid spectrum was born: Naturveg® Original. What makes it so special? Its five vegan proteins (Pea Protein; Rice Protein; Wheat Protein; Hemp Protein; Oat Protein) and an extremely natural taste, suitable for use at any time of day.

Right from the start, the response was positive, not only in the vegan sports environment, but also many athletes, who until then had only used whey supplements, appreciated Naturveg® Original's lightness and ease of digestion, recognising a feeling of well-being equal or even superior to traditional animal protein supplements.
You've never tried a vegan supplement and don't know how to combine it? Simple! The fresh, neutral flavour of Naturveg® Original makes it a very versatile protein supplement that is perfect for diluting either in vegetable milk drinks or in a simple glass of water.

The best supplement for muscle mass: Naturveg® Sport

Thanks to our continuous dialogue and dialogue with the sports world, we have not stopped in our research and, in order to meet the needs of the most demanding professional athletes, we have developed one of the most comprehensive vegan supplements on the market: Naturveg® Sport.

If you are looking for a loyal ally that can support you with maximum energy in your most intense workouts, then this is the product for you. With its 4 plant protein sources (Rice, Pea, Hemp, Spirulina), the presence of BCAAs from plant fermentation, plant-derived Glutamine peptide, Magnesium, Zinc, B vitamins and OXXINEA (Biophenols/Orac), Naturveg® Sport is the best solution for those looking for a protein supplement that stimulates muscle building, facilitates recovery and increases the endurance and power of your muscles.
How many times have you taken pre- and post-work-out supplements that, instead of giving you energy, have weighed you down, giving you an unpleasant feeling of bloating? With Naturveg® Sport, these annoyances will be a thing of the past. Its fresh and light taste, available in Chocolate and Vanilla flavour, will leave you with no unpleasant aftertaste and will be assimilated very easily by your body, supplying it with top-quality protein, essential micronutrients and minerals.

The most complete vegan protein on the market: Naturveg® Platinum

For us at Naturveg, developing new products is always a great challenge and an enormous pleasure. From this enthusiasm comes the most comprehensive vegan protein supplement on the market: the Naturveg® Platinum.
With no less than seven vegetable protein sources (Pea, Rice, Wheat, Oats, Sesame, Hemp, Lupine, Spirulina), fibre and minerals, it provides you with the right energy for your workouts.
Thanks to its special low-carbohydrate and low-fat formulation, Naturveg® Platinum is the protein supplement that can be taken both as soon as you wake up to face the training day and before going to sleep to regain strength and facilitate the muscle recovery phase.
Available in Neutral, Chocolate and Vanilla flavours, taking Naturveg® Platinum vegan protein will give your body ample refreshment, replenishing it with essential amino acids and important Vitamins B, D, E, K, as well as key minerals such as Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium and Zinc. All this without stressing your digestion as with traditional protein supplements of animal origin.

Gluten-free vegan protein supplement? Naturveg® Gluten Easy!

For us at Naturveg, consumer health always comes first and the right to wellness must be accessible to all. This is why we have developed Naturveg® Gluten Easy in constant dialogue with athletes who are intolerant or sensitive to gluten., a vegan gluten-free protein supplement, suitable for those who do not want to give up their daily dose of energy for sport.
Thanks to the presence of the Spirulina, a protein algae rich in vitamins (B, A, C, E) and minerals (Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Potassium and Selenium), and 4 high-quality vegetable proteins (Pea, Rice, Soya and Hemp)the gluten-free vegan protein supplement Naturveg® Gluten Easy is the best solution to recharge and nourish your muscles in case of gluten sensitivity or intolerance.
In this way, you can ensure your daily protein intake without worries and also ensure the well-being of your tissues and skin thanks to the omega-3 and gamma linolenic acid contained in Spirulina. Just add a portion of Naturveg® Gluten Easy (available in Neutral, Chocolate and Vanilla flavours) to your drinks, soups or yoghurts and you will immediately enjoy the effectiveness of all the plant ingredients in this fantastic supplement.

Boost muscle growth with vegan BCAA STACK 100%

Experienced sportsmen and women will already know what we are talking about, but vegan BCAA STACK 100% is a real novelty in Italy. These branched-chain amino acids (L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine) contribute decisively to an athlete's performance. Their main characteristics are:

  • They are immediately put into circulation in the body;
  • They reduce fatigue;
  • They increase power;
  • Essential amino acids available without the intake of unwanted calories;
  • Increased muscle protein synthesis;
  • Growth of muscle mass.

But what do our branched-chain amino acids have over those already on the market? Firstly, they come from exclusively plant sources. Secondly, we wanted to add glutamine peptide and Vitamins B2 and B6 to the formula of our vegan BCAA STACK 100%.

This way, in addition to the benefits of branched chain amino acids, you will enjoy a stronger immune system, faster recovery and more energy to devote to your training sessions. With Naturveg's vegan BCAA STACK you get that extra boost to help you push your limits and ensure the well-being of your muscles.

Define your physique with the vegan fat burner BURN MAX

Despite your days of heavy training, does your physique not look perfectly defined? Help yourself with a product designed to reduce fat mass and emphasise the lines of your muscles. With the vegan fat burner Burn Max 100% you will be able to achieve your definition goals without stressing your gut with irritants such as Caffeine, Pepper or Chilli.

Unlike the slimming supplements currently on the market, Naturveg's vegan fat-burning Burn Max contains 7 natural active ingredients that are easily assimilated by the body and can activate a series of thermogenesis mechanisms that will enable you to define your muscles in a short time.
By using the caffeine-free vegan fat burner Burn Max, you can control your appetite while enjoying all the mood-regulating properties of this supplement, which not only helps you lose fat mass, but also stimulates serotonin levels, thanks to the contribution of special plants such as Garcinia Cambogia.

Improve your performance with Crea Extra - Vegan Creatine

Tired of taking sugar-laden creatine supplements? We at Naturveg have developed a formula that promotes the body's absorption of creatine with the best natural and plant-based insulin sensitisers: hence Crea Extra - the vegan creatine with SUGAR FREE transport system.

Now you can improve your sports performance and nourish your muscles in a truly natural way, CREA EXTRA® is the ideal solution for those looking for a creatine supplement that is easily absorbed by the body, while avoiding excess sugar and calories.
The contribution of the Bitter Pumpkin, Cinnamon, Berberis and Fenugreek make our CREA EXTRA - Creatine Vegan the ideal solution for those looking for a supplement that provides the energy you need for your daily workouts in a healthy and natural way. Just take four tablets a day before your sports activity to enjoy all the benefits of this unique formula on the market.