"I believe in the development of new products that are the result of the search for the best benefit at the lowest price, for the consumer's health, for his pocket, for the environment and for future generations."

 Mauro - Founder Naturveg

Our History

Since 2012 with Passion

Our company was born in 2012 from a challenge between two friends, an entrepreneurial athlete and a vegan professional, who embarked on a venture in which they firmly believed: the creation of a line of modern, effective, natural, vegan supplements. In 2022, one of the two partners took over the shares and became a family business

Our milestones

1) Research

Based on scientific research we have developed a line of vegan products that rely on the use of vegetable protein instead of animal protein for their improved energy efficiency.

Our supplements have no negative effects on health: are more digestible and contain no toxic substances or unnecessary excipients.

2) Ethics

Our activity is framed in a sound ethical framework that guides our vision of business and life; that is why we rely on Banca Etica to handle our transactions.

Our challenge is to spread a modern and effective product based on the use of vegetable proteins, which represents a break with the tradition of food supplements, for everyday life and for sport.

3) Passion

No living being deserves to suffer. Even more so when there are viable alternatives to the current nutritional system. We at Naturveg are determined to move in this direction.

Behind our products is the work of a team that is highly motivated to always give the best for its customers. Passion is the extra ingredient that always makes the difference.

4) Quality

Consumer welfare is always at the centre for us. That is why we constantly carry out surveys to check the satisfaction of our customers.

Our vegan supplements are a guarantee of efficiency and care for consumer and environmental healthfactors that we consider indispensable in a good product.