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Naturveg Ambassadors

Jennifer Lauri


I am Jennifer, I have been practising BB for over 2 years, I am a permanent make-up tattoo artist, I love travelling and animals. I have many hobbies including yoga and meditation, which are fundamental to my well-being. I am always careful about my nutrition: we are what we eat! Today, selecting natural food is very difficult, my quest for psychophysical well-being is an ongoing challenge and nutrition is a key element. Following the availability of food according to the seasons, supplementation is necessary for me. It is important to choose unprocessed food but so is choosing a clean, healthy supplement that is as natural as possible, which is why I chose NaturVeg.

Massimo Leopardi

@Massimo Leopardi

I am Massimo Leopardi, class of '63, vegan since 2008, I have always loved acrobatic sports and free flight. I am a Master athlete in springboard and platform diving. I won several national titles, then 3 silver and 2 bronze medals at the 2015 FINA World Championships in Kazan (Russia). I am the director of Veggie Channel magazine, the first vegan web TV in Italy and author of over 1000 videos promoting the vegan lifestyle. In 2019 I received the "Shining World Compassionate Award" from Supreme Master TV for my work as a vegan activist and competitive vegan sportsman. I take great care in choosing the products I use for my workouts and everyday life and I found in Naturveg the complete and reliable line I was looking for. You can find me on FaceBook (Vegan Athlete Massimo Leopardi). My sites are www.veggiechannel.com and www.massimoleopardi.it

Elisa Superti


Hi, I'm Elisa, a former martial arts athlete, I won the Kombat League grappling world cup in 2014. Due to injury 4 years ago I took a break and found a new passion. The Coach, initially a training for women inspired by martial arts, fatigue and self-defence. With time and study, the practice turned into what is now SUPERFITNESS, a technique-based functional training that trains hundreds of girls in the lower Brescia area. My goal is to enable all my athletes to find their strength through the tough workouts I propose, and then to expand it into everyday life, strong, beautiful and confident. Along with love and respect for the body, I also try to bring the love and respect that needs to be given to our world. This is why I am vegan and have chosen Naturveg, a great Italian brand!

Fabio Bianchi


Hello, I am Fabio Bianchi, class of 74, I have always practised sport and have been competing as a natural body builder since 2013. In my career I have participated in numerous competitions with excellent results and several national and international titles. I am also a coach and bodybuilding trainer, and together with a great friend of mine I run a competitive team.Coming from other sports and having come to bodybuilding at an early age, I have always had a particular approach that is far removed from the usual bodybuilding clichés. Without any kind of prejudice I have tried to have an open and curious mind, experimenting with different approaches. I have always maintained that health and psychophysical wellbeing were essential elements in order to achieve great results. My motto is 'Do the simple things, not the easy things'. With this in mind, I first approached and then appreciated all the benefits of the vegan diet. After trying various products of plant origin, I was impressed by the quality and comprehensiveness of Naturveg products, hence my choice.

Luda Alanine


Hi, I'm Luda, a personal trainer (FIPE Senior Personal Trainer) and linguist (PhD). Passionate about natural bodybuilding and translator for the fitness magazine Excellentstyle, I love training (and working out!). For me, training is an experience of reconnecting mind and body - in other words, a return to nature. I haven't eaten meat for almost ten years now and I am always on the lookout for plant-based, natural, low-impact foods and supplements in line with my ecological approach - like Naturveg products!

Roberta Bartocci


I am a nutritionist biologist and have been involved in plant-based nutrition since the 1990s. I have been practising as a nutritionist biologist in Rome since 2011. I mostly follow vegetarians and vegans from weaning, pregnancy, sportsmen and women through to post-menopausal women. The future lies in plant-based proteins, and that is why I have been recommending Naturveg to my patients for several years now. Naturveg's products have perfectly captured the needs of more and more consumers and professionals who, like me, are mainly concerned with 'plant-based' nutrition. www.robertabartocci.com

Emanuele Grasso


Hi, I am Emanuele Grasso (LeleMargot) I am 32 years old, a certified chef and personal trainer. Lover of Veg cuisine and the gym.

Barbara Burlin


Hi, my name is Barbara and I have been a vegan for 11 years. I made this choice when I came across a film about factory farming and saw the suffering of an animal for the first time. The change was immediate. Over the years I have tried to inform myself as much as possible about healthy and balanced vegan food and, apart from sparing the lives of many animals, I have improved my own. Three years ago I set foot in a gym and fell in love with bodybuilding. This passion led me to win the title of Italian Bikini Master champion in one of the most prestigious natural federations. I supplement my competitive preparations with vegetable proteins and amino acids and it is an honour to be able to be an ambassador for Naturveg, with its range of products of undisputed quality.
silvia ciavola

Silvia Ciavola


Hi! My name is Silvia, I am a pharmacist and I have been vegan for 4 years; it has been absolutely the best choice of my life. I am passionate about nutrition and cooking, and I am certain that food is our first medicine, along with exercise and the emotions with which we nourish our minds. Speaking of exercise, I love all sports, I have played tennis and football in the past, and now I enjoy working out at home with my equipment, for now without competitive ambitions, in the future, who knows 😉

Germana Puglielli


Hi, I'm Germana, P.T. and Wellness Agent by passion, vegetarian since 2010 and vegan since 2016. I do 360° online wellness coaching and I do functional training, choreographed aerobics, HIIT circuits and actively practice body building. My dietary choice is both ethical and healthy, which is why, as an unstoppable sportswoman, I have turned my attention to the products and mission of Naturveg, which in addition to being an Italian brand is a company that pays great attention to the quality of its supplements and the use of natural ingredients.

Stefano Meneghel


My name is Stefano Meneghel aka (Bear), I started Kick boxing and traditional Ju Jitsu at the age of 25. I trained in both specialities until 2003, when I switched to BJJ under the guidance of master Fabricio Nascimento. I am a 2nd degree black belt in BJJ, 3rd degree black belt in KB and Shoot boxing; I have 15 full contact fights between Kick, Sanda, MMA to my credit. In 2006 my Team Bear's Dojo was founded, and we are currently a sporting reality comprising 8 locations spread across the provinces of Brescia, Mantua, Cremona and Verona. I have the privilege of teaching jiu jitsu to some of the best professional MMA fighters. I am the holder of 4 European titles in Brazilian Jiu jitsu, a Sanda World Cup and various national and international titles. In 2003, I was one of the first Italians in England to fight in the cage: an experience that changed the way I see martial arts on a national level. In 2009 I became a vegetarian thanks to my partner and volunteering in kennels. In 2014 the vegan turning point thanks to reading the book 'If Nothing Matters' by Jonathan Safran Foer and in 2015 I embark on a course of study in Naturopathy. It was therefore obvious that I chose the Naturveg line for my sporting life and general wellbeing.

Giorgia Pinto


My name is Giorgia and I am 27 years old. I am an athlete and have been playing tennis professionally for several years. My lifestyle is very intense and aimed at complete dedication to the activity I do, as it requires intense daily training sessions that push the body to its limits. I discovered that I am gluten intolerant at the age of three and unfortunately it has always been quite complicated to manage to follow an adequate diet that would allow me to satisfy my needs as a sportswoman while being able to combine good performance. I chose NaturVeg because it represents exactly what I've always needed and above all it allows me to respect myself and my body and at the same time the environment around me. I've been a nature and animal lover since I was a child and it's nice to think I can, in my own small way, be part of something more.

Olga Calissi


Hello, my name is Olga Rachele Calissi, I am 29 years old and I am a professional athlete, foil fencer on the Italian National Fencing Team, belonging to the Fiamme Gialle Sports Group. I have been practising fencing since the age of 5 and have been on the national team for over 10 years. I have participated in several World Championships, European Championships, Italian Championships and World Cups, with excellent results, winning 18 gold medals and several silver and bronze medals, both individual and team. I have a degree in Law.I am currently preparing for the Olympics by participating in competitions on the World Cup circuit. My sporting routine also requires me to do more than one training session every day, all of them very intense, from physical preparation to technique and fencing, which is why I need the best support in terms of supplementation to allow me to fully recover my energy and potential. I chose Naturveg to accompany me on my sporting journey not only because of the quality of the product, but also because of the ethical line the company represents, which I also share as a lifestyle choice.

Valentina Pisconti


Hi, I'm Valentina, an artist and cooking enthusiast. I have been vegan for three years and I try to use social media precisely to spread this message. I chose Naturveg because I find it in line with this ideal of mine and to convey the importance of vegetable supplements!

Maria Liliana Ciraulo


I am Maria, a nutritionist biologist and vegan for years. I work between Rome and Latina, helping people who want to embark on a path to health, especially from a vegan perspective. We know that the future is vegan, for us and future generations, for other living beings and for our planet. I chose Naturveg as an Italian company committed to offering the highest quality 100% vegetable products, meeting the needs of those who, like me, have chosen this all-round lifestyle.

Carla Cossu


Hello, my name is Carla, I am 35 years old and I live in beautiful Sardinia, where I am a dog trainer, a dog coach in Assisted Interventions with Animals and a model in my spare time. My passion for dogs and animals in general was passed on to me by my parents, both of whom were sensitive, empathetic and very attentive to values such as respect, altruism and gratitude, and who taught me respect for all forms of life and how to take care of them. I therefore became a vegetarian for ethical reasons about 10 years ago and switched to vegan for the same reasons a few years ago, to which I added the discovery of the benefits in terms of health. I have always played various sports in my life, including volleyball and tennis, but it was about a couple of years ago that I decided with great motivation to make a major change to my body by shaping it through weight training. My biggest goal, apart from liking myself more of course, is to communicate, both in 'real' life and through my instagram profile, a positive, energetic, strong, healthy and 'possible' image of being Vegan, hoping to help other people approach this important life choice. I decided to support Naturveg in the promotion of its products because I consider them to be a healthy and valid support in the diet of every sportsman, vegan or otherwise.

Stefano Momentè

Researcher, journalist and writer, vegan since 1985, I have published 21 books on the subject.In 2001 I founded Vegan Italia, one of the first [...]

Fabio Scarazzati


I have been a cycling athlete for 26 years, and in recent years I have established myself as a pro fixed cycling at a high level. Over the years I have gained such an understanding of my body that I am able to build a training plan in connection with a revised diet in order to be able to take care of my performance and go into detail according to the time of the season.

Scarlett 'Gemy'


Good morning ! My name is Rosella ( x everyone Gemy) I am 43 years old and I live in Verona with my husband and 4 furry children ☺ I started my vegetarian journey out of ethics 20 years ago and about 8 years ago I made the leap to becoming vegan. I'm an activist and passionate about fitness and vegan cooking, I'm not a professional (I train at home) and I also opened the IG profile LaCiotolaVegana where I dabble in my "vegankitchen" as I call it.I discovered Naturveg products and I fell in love with them, finally an ethical company that works properly! Thank you Naturveg x the work you are doing e.... Go Vegan !! @LaCiotolaVegana @gemyvegansoul

Carla Varo


Hello everyone, my name is Carla and I have been vegan for three years. I love taking care of my body, doing sport almost every day. I train free-body and do bodybuilding: this, combined with my vegan choice, makes me feel good and satisfied with myself.

Alessandro Patarca


Hi, I'm a professional natural bodybuilding athlete, I compete in the man physique category, my latest results can also be seen on my instagram profile: ale_naturalveg On 18 September I took part in the grand prix in Cesena for the qualification for the national and international championships, finishing first on the podium in both the open and master categories, thus gaining access to the nationals held on 16 September in Igea Marina. Here, too, I managed to come first, taking home the trophy, thus becoming national champion man physique.My family and I have been vegan since 2012. My son, who lives in France and is a trainer and personal trainer, my daughter is a professional athlete in synchronised swimming, and she too has brought home some satisfaction, regional champion as a single twice and participation in the national team competitions, taking the second step on the podium. The rest of my family does not compete but trains regularly with some future goals in the drawer. We regularly use Naturveg products, I think they are the best the market has to offer, especially because their first ingredient is 100% Nature. Alessandro

Sylwia Krzysiak


Hello my name is Sylwia, class of 91. I do road running and bodybuilding, in my spare time I love hiking and climbing in the mountains. I approached a plant-based diet in 2016 but only became completely vegan 4 years later: as I suffer from a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, I was afraid that 'too much fibre' might be bad for me. I began to learn more and more about the benefits a plant-based diet could offer me and gradually abandoned all derivatives. After being confirmed by a nutritionist doctor, who explained to me that there are no contradictions but benefits, I happily went vegan. Thanks to sport and vegan nutrition I became physically stronger and more resilient, which also benefited my psyche. By supplementing my diet with Naturveg products I am able to provide a lot of easily digestible protein without excess fibre.

Christian Calabrese


Hi, I'm Christian, an ultrarunner, I'm 47 years old and I have run several marathons and ultramarathons. I started running competitive races in 2015 and in just a few years I approached ultramarathon running. This discipline requires a lot of dedication and sacrifice followed by an optimal diet, which is why I approached a vegetarian diet. Mine is now a lifestyle that I try with passion and rationality to share with other athletes or friends in general. In the last few years, from a competitive point of view, my performance has improved and I have achieved some pb's: 1h 26 half marathon 3h 07 marathon 9h 56 100km 181.5 km in the 285 km 24-hour UltraMilanoSanremo I also enjoy running in the mountains, completing some ultratrails. My path is constantly growing and improving, and in 2022 I have ambitious goals, but to achieve them, in addition to the passion and dedication I put into it every day, I will have to solve my weak point, which is supplementation, and that's why I'm counting on the quality of your products.

Francesca Quaranta


Hello everyone! I'm Francesca, I'm 35 years old and a lawyer, vegan for about 10 years:) Despite my sedentary job I am a very empathetic but also tenacious and hyperactive person who leads a healthy lifestyle without any deprivation. I have always been very sporty, but in recent times I have fallen in love with poledance alongside weightlifting activities. Hence the need to give my organism 'support' to improve its performance and stem mental and physical stress. Being in contact with nature is my main 'medicine' but it is not enough. My body is my home: I have to take care of it and the company Naturveg, with its products, is a great help to me! It is good, transparent but, above all, it espouses my ideologies: taking care of ourselves and everything around us, animals and our Planet. My vegan choice makes me feel serene, I don't live it as a sacrifice but it 'enriches' me continuously and stimulates me to improve: Mother Nature has given us unique and precious goods and I, to be grateful, try to give it care and love. I hope, with my testimony, to 'unhinge' some prejudices about the vegan lifestyle - for many incompatible with health and sport.

Kevin Moietta


Hi, I'm Kevin Moietta and I'm a Mixed Martial Arts Master, I'm mainly involved in the preparation of MMA and Grappling fighters at a national and international level, despite the great commitment with the competitors, I still find the time to be a Grappling and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athlete.I've been Vegan for 8 years and since I made this choice my performance has improved significantly, I have much more stamina and explosiveness and in competitions I often place on the podium ahead of many carnivorous athletes.In my centre I am working very hard to introduce more and more Vegan products into the athletic training of my wrestlers and some of them have already changed their lifestyle.Naturveg is for me the best choice in terms of availability and quality of products and always guarantees excellent results.

Roberto Manelli


Hello, I am Roberto, a Vegan athlete for more than 20 years and an anti-speciesist animal rights activist. I am the manager, coach and personal trainer of the FUNCTIONAL ROOM at the Riability Point physiotherapy centre in Voghera. I deal with functional training applied in both individualised work and group courses. I have practised numerous sports in my life at both an amateur and competitive level, always trying to promote the message that performance and results are achievable without exploiting other living beings. I have been a presenter and trainer for Les Mills Italia, a New Zealand agency that exports fitness all over the world. For them I was national trainer for 3 programmes and Head trainer (Italian manager) for a fourth programme, the most famous in the world, BODYPUMP, a programme that I still teach in my box. I have been a Reebok-sponsored athlete and have also worked as a trainer and coach for other fitness agencies. I have worked in several gyms throughout Italy and participated in numerous national (e.g. Rimini Wellness), private and international events. I have been relying on NaturVeg for years. Its products are the only ones I recommend because I consider them a reliable ally of unquestionable quality, but also because I share with the company the profound ethical values of fighting for the rights, freedom, and justice of every living being that accompany me in my daily volunteer work. Change you can, change you must.

Maria Farina


My name is Maria, I'm 41 years old, I'm an influencer and I'm very interested in a healthy lifestyle: therefore sport and nutrition. we are what we eat and how we use it. In the past I was a dancer, skater and volleyball player.Now I keep fit with a healthy lifestyle, practise sport and go for long walks, all combined with a healthy and proper diet.